Message from the Founder, Lead Educator, and CEO

Welcome to award winning Little Angels Learning Academy.  On behalf of everyone at Little Angels Learning Academy, I want to thank you for your interest in our prestigious program of excellence with storybook beginnings.  We are so excited to introduce you to the premier nursery, professional childcare and preschool learning center, a leader in the field of early childhood education.  We strive to have the most prestigious early childhood program for all children in the southwest Springfield, MO, and Battlefield geographical areas, as well as be a model for the state and nation.  We are in the planning process to expand our program to other geographical areas around the state of Missouri, and other states within the next year through franchise opportunities. 

Little Angels Learning Academy is for those parents/guardians who want a high quality, upscale, professional, nurturing, positive, safe and secure, family-oriented, Christian-principled, and clean and safe environment where their children can develop, learn, explore, discover, observe, and grow to their potential.  We encourage parents/guardians to be an integral part of the learning process teaming with us at Little Angels.    Age-appropriate and varied activities based upon the Project Construct curriculum, with play as the primary focus in learning, are developed and implemented, e.g., learning centers, whole group activities, individual lessons, field trips, outdoor play in our play garden, etc.  Class sizes are small enough for children to interact with peers and their teacher.  Teachers are well educated and prepared to facilitate the learning process for this young population. Staff members include certified teachers through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and have exceptional experience as teachers of young children.

Little Angels Learning Academy is accredited through the Missouri Accreditation Program for Programs for Children and Youth.   LALA is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. 

We always have an open door policy.  Please feel free to contact us for a visit or to answer any of your questions.   

Thank you again for your interest,

Dr. Ruth Ann Wood-Humiston
Founder, CEO, and Lead Educator

About the founder, lead educator, and CEO of The Education Institute and Little Angels Learning Academy, Ruth Ann Wood-Humiston, Ph.D.:

Dr. Ruth Ann Wood-Humiston brings to Little Angels Learning Academy extensive education and experience in the education field.  She has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in special education from the University of Missouri-Columbia;  Specialist and Master's degrees in educational administration from Southwest Missouri State University; and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Drury College in psychology and elementary education with a minor in music.  She has extensive experience as an educator ranging from regular education to special education, gifted, preschool music, preschool teacher, building principal, director of special services, MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Education supervisor of professional development, educational consultant, educational diagnostician, and college professor.  She holds education certificates in preschool teaching, BD teaching grades K-12, elementary teaching (grades 1-8), elementary and middle school principalship, and special education directorship in the state of Missouri. 

Dr. Wood-Humiston is the founder and CEO of The Education Institute, Inc., that has two divisions:  Behavior and Academic Services and Little Angels Learning Academy.   Dr. Wood-Humiston's experience and education are invaluable as she facilitates the process in developing the young minds of future generations and the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Little Angels Learning Academy?

Dr. Wood-Humiston was faced with the dilemma of finding a quality, upscale, stimulating, very enriching, and affordable nursery, preschool, and professional childcare program for her own two young sons where she felt that they were safe and secure at all times.  She also wanted to spend quality and quantity time with her family, yet also be able to balance family with her career in education.     Little Angels Learning Academy was developed to answer similar needs of other parents/guardians in the Springfield, Battlefield, and Republic communities.

We believe:

The young years of a child's life are the most important developmentally.

That quality, early childhood care and education boosts learning and social skills when children enter school.

Child's play is his/her work and that it is through play that a child learns.

Learning takes place at different times of the day and in different settings.

Each child is unique.  We celebrate differences and each child's strengths.

Children are our future.

Our goals for each child include:

To feel safe, accepted, and loved at the Academy.

To enjoy the Academy's learning programs and activities.

To learn how to share and play/work with others.

To gain self-confidence.

To have opportunities to develop independence and self-worth.

To have opportunities to learn and practice making wise choices.

To help develop a sense of values and respect for self, others, and things.

To regularly acquire new information, improve motor skills, and use curiosity productively to extend interests.

To express himself or herself through different means.

To have successful learning experiences that will build a solid foundation for future learning experiences and life-long pursuits.

Little Angels Learning Academy is a prestigious early childhood program for all children regardless of ability, developmental level, physical needs, race, religious background, or income.  Little Angels Learning Academy is a locally owned, private organization.  It is not supported by a religious entity, however, Christian values and principles will be expressed and followed; respect will be made to other religious denominations and beliefs.   

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We are a high-quality, accredited, and award-winning professional child care and preschool that accepts children with private pay, in foster care, child care subsidy, military subsidy, and those children with special needs. 

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LALA is pleased to announce that we have met ALL requirements to be designated a Gold Star Child Safe Facility

Our facility is the FIRST facility to receive this designation.  This distinction was presented in person by Mr. Kevin Gipson, Director of Health, and several representatives of the Greene County Health Department.
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LALA is pleased to announced our professional child care and preschool center is the FIRST in the state of MO to receive the Eat Smart Advanced Distinction for serving excellent & quality snacks and meals, offering nutrition education, and serving family style.

Springfield News-Leader Article

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Governor Jay Nixon Visits Little Angels

Little Angels Learning Academy hosted MO Governor Jay Nixon as he signed important child care related
legislation into law.

"Up until now, there was hardly any way for parents to tell the difference between an unlicensed operation and an outstanding provider like this one,"
Governor Nixon stated.

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Governor Video

Governor Nixon Press Release

Inclement Weather Plan
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If the center is closed, we have a late start or a early closure, please check on this page for more information - announcement will also be on local radio and TV stations and our Little Angels Facebook page.